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Aether Bound (The Rise of Lilith, Book 1), All Format Bundle

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Do you want the flexibility of having an ebook and an audiobook, but still enjoy the feel of a paperback in your hands?

Why not buy all three?

Now you can get the ebook, audiobook, and signed paperback at a 20% discount.

As an added bonus, you'll also receive a pdf version of The Trident menu, absolutely free.

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Lil can see the demon on your shoulder. Good or bad, virtue or vice, she knows just what you desire. Too bad everyone thinks she’s crazy. Everyone, that is, except her brother Ezra.

After years spent hiding her abilities, Lil’s finally found a place she belongs: slinging fruity rum-filled drinks behind the counter of a touristy beach bar in Southern California. But when her brother goes missing during a freak ocean storm, Lil knows something is terribly wrong.

With demons rising from the waves, Lil can no longer deny her power. Given the key to unlocking her nascent magic, Lil must journey to Aegir’s Hall in the depths of the Unseen realm of the gods to rescue Ezra. But the primordial god of the ocean has set his sights on a greater prize—the untamed Daughter of Lilith.

If you like your adventures shaken, not stirred, with a pinch of magic, a twist of myth, and a dash of mayhem, you’ll love this new contemporary paranormal fantasy series by Megan Haskell.

Narrated by Melanie Hooks.

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