Megan Haskell, Author

Escape into Myth, Magic, and Mayhem

I’ve been a fantasy reader for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved joining extraordinary adventures in the written word, imagining myself alongside heroic men and women, fighters and warriors who strive to improve the world, or at least kill the bad guy. Ensconced in the safety of my bedroom, I explored strange lands with dangerous creatures. It was an addiction I was happy to accommodate, especially when my mom wanted me to do my chores.

Despite my voracious book appetite, I didn’t start creative writing until I was working as a number cruncher in a big accounting firm. With an hour plus commute by train every day, and a demanding left-brain occupation, I needed a mobile creative outlet. A pen and paper are about as mobile as it gets! As the pages began to fill, I quickly moved onto a tiny laptop, and a writer was born.

I wrote for several years during that commute, learning my craft and striving to become a published author. However, with a background in business and a desire to run my own business, I quickly realized I wanted to pursue the independent life of the self-published author. After completing several manuscripts that didn’t quite live up to my own expectations, I at last felt ready to publish my debut novel in Sanyare: The Last Descendant. The book would eventually go on to win a Readers’ Favorite Bronze award in Adventure Fiction and became an IAN Book of the Year Award Finalist. Needless to say, I was hooked.

Fast forward a few more years and I partnered up with USA Today Bestselling Author Greta Boris to co-found The Author Wheel. Together, we write non-fiction books for writers, teach courses online and in-person, blog, and otherwise try to help writers become authors and keep their stories rolling. If you’re a writer trying to navigate the writing and publishing world, please consider joining our community!

Nowadays, I'm a stay-at-home-mom who prefers a good story and a hot cup of coffee over doing the dishes. I live in Southern California with my wonderfully supportive husband, two daughters, and a ridiculously energetic dog.

Join me, and let’s fight some bad guys together.

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