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Aether Crossed (Book 2) - Signed Paperback

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Life used to be simple. I mixed drinks and helped tourists and locals alike find their vacation vibe in the Laguna Beach bar where I work.

Now . . . 

Turns out, I’m a Daughter of Lilith, descended from the first woman and born with the ability to interact with the realm of the gods. I’ve been told we were born to keep the balance between chaos and order, but it seems like everyone just wants me to put my finger on the scale in their favor.

Shadow demons attack the bar, sending my boyfriend into some sort of magical coma. A woman arrives demanding I join her coven, insisting it’s the only way to save him. And the gods? Let’s just say they all have games they want me to play.

I’ll do anything to bring Silas home. Even if it means staring down the god of chaos and destruction himself.

That snake doesn’t stand a chance . . . right?


If you enjoy a glass of bold red wine with your coven sisters, or feel like partying with the ancient gods tonight, you’ll love this witchy portal fantasy adventure.


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